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Why is the company balance sheet so crucial?

Perhaps you are responding to a call for tender and want to verify the financial viability of your potential future client. Maybe you are planning to team up with a business to enrich your offering, but you are sceptical of the figures provided by its CEO. Or you are looking for a partner abroad to grow your business.

To be sure you choose the right lead, partner, supplier and so on, it is important to confirm the company's financial health, which means reviewing its financial data. The company's balance sheet is one of the most important sources of information.

How can you find a company's balance sheet?

The Kompass directory gives you access to legal and financial information for over 5 million businesses. Each record includes essential information about the company, including: turnover, export sales, operating income, net income, cash flow, etc. You can find out everything about the company of your choice thanks to THE specialist in international B2B data.

The data c ome from official sources and reports released by businesses- they are updated regularly by Kompass experts.

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