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What is the purpose of a company data file

The company data file is an indispensable solution to ensure the success of your sales initiatives and prospecting campaigns. You have access to the company's contact information, service and product offer, legal structure and, in the most detailed files, essential financial information.

To ensure effectiveness when it comes to company information and especially to optimise your leads file, you must use the best data.

Where do you find your company data file?

EasyList and EasyBusiness have robust features that give you access to 12 million records for businesses in France and abroad. These two solutions from Kompass, the international B2B data specialist, are cutting-edge assets for your business.

They allow you to view all the information about a company, including its financial health: trade name, NAF code, postal address, e-mail address, number of employees, turnover, net profit, etc. You can also filter your searches based on your goals: low/moderate/high risk, lease or purchase a company data file.

Plus, Kompass experts work every day to update all the information compiled in the database.

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