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• 'I want to launch a large-scale e-mail campaign in the agribusines sector...'

• 'I want to exclusively target executives companies for my next commercial e-mailing initiative. I need to have a qualified address file with a maximum deliverability rate.'

• 'Each week I send a series of e-mails to my leads. I would like to have a customised e-mail directory that is updated constantly to optimise my targeting.'

• 'I want a personalised e-mail directory so that I can initiate a prospecting campaign at any time based on my marketing strategy.'

E-mail directory

• With EasyList and its expanded version EasyBusiness, access 5 million businesses and more than 11 million name-specific e-mail addresses for senior executives and operational decision-makers.
• All you do is save your custom e-mail directory in the 'Your Account' space for unlimited use according to the frequency of your sales and direct marketing campaigns.
• Conduct a search by country, region, business sector, turnover, etc.
• Count on a 96% deliverability rate to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of your e-mail campaigns.
• Make the most of personalised tools to analyse the effectiveness of your e-mail campaigns:

  • > Create a campaign from start to finish: targeting, creation and dispatch
  • > Mail Checker to check your e-mail contact list
  • > Daily updates to database
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